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The Sensor V is a PHIometrical Design Signature for PHIbratory Resonation in the Unified Field. The design of this pendant was induced and inspired by the NCG 2207 Galaxy.

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The Sensor V is a result of 30 years of development by Flanagan. The last years were intensive work on 3D Programs. In 2007 the three-dimensional pyramid and sensor was complete. The geometric shapes of the sensor are not only drawn or calculated, but perfectly and accurately constructed. The sensor v produces temporal and spatial coherence in fields, multi-fractal dimensions and organizes harmony in entire area that surrounds it. Its geometry is as perfect as it can be. Since Phi is a transcendental number, it generates the attempt to decimal calculations. The sensor V is a vortex according to the dimensions of the sacred geometry with 5 sided phi pyramids. It contains a spiral vortex in the golden section, all in perfect coordination with each other. It really generates a coherent, holographic, multi-dimensional vortex. The sensor V is cast in bronze and gold coated.The sensor is concavely curved, depth to the center as a shallow dish. The five-sided pyramids are ‘bundled’ smaller inward and the energy in the center of the sensor.

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm

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  1. trishnash Verified Owner

    I could feel the energy generating from the pendant before I even opened the package! When I have the pendant on my state of being and energy level feels similar to what I generate in a deep meditative state. My whole body is humming yet grounded. I also notice when I don’t have the pendent on it seems to be calling me energetically, like I am connected to it with a flow of energy. It has also stirred up somethings emotionally that I can not put my finger on yet but will explore further in mediation and see what I am blocking/ refusing to look at. Its defiantly a high quality beautiful piece of jewellery but oh so much more. I would recommend this pendant but don’t underestimate the impact it will have on your life.

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